Practical Business Development and Marketing Consultancy

Welcome to TH-Marketing

I am an independent consultant with clients in London, Essex and Suffolk.

I provide practical business development and marketing advice and support, primarily for organisations without a senior level in-house resource. By "practical" I mean I don't just recommend a course of action but am prepared to roll up my sleeves and work with you in achieving your objectives. I work on a retainer basis and am happy to have enjoyed a number of very long-term relationships. I currently have five clients in my portfolio on varying contracts according to their needs. For all intents and purposes, and as far as the external world needs to know, I am an in-house resource to each client.

I have over 30 years' experience in the professional services sector; particularly with lawyers and am currently retained by solicitors and barristers. I cover the broad spectrum of business development, PR and marketing requirements from high level strategy to managing website and the legal directories process.

Teresa Harman

The Priory Granary, Lower Raydon, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 5QT - Tel: 07770 425068